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  • Interviewer:One of our Vulture readers noted that they love how Suits doesn't hide your height: You're always wearing high heels and beautiful column dresses. Have you had the experience of shows or movies trying to downsize you?
  • Gina Torres:I often end up doing most of my scenes barefoot in other shows that I've been in. Which, on one hand, I really miss, because being in those heels all day [laughs] is not fun. But it is wonderful. It's wonderful when you see those shots of me clicking it down the hallway from head to toe, and it's all me. Gabriel doesn't care for it, at all. Gabriel is used to being the tallest guy on the set, so it reeeally messes with him, which I love. A part of that, too, is that there's nobody above Jessica, really. She is running it; she doesn't have to apologize for her height or anything else. So often when I do come onto another show — sorry, guys — the leading men are shorter, and it's all about maintaining the illusion that there's a big guy on our campus. And a lot of [the actors] aren't mature enough to not have that be so. [Big laugh.] And quite frankly, the networks aren't particularly thrilled about having their big guys on campus look smaller than they need them to be. But that's changing, I think. There are a lot of power women that are working today.
  • Interviewer:I love that you're the most powerful person on the show, in every sense.
  • Gina Torres:And the smartest.
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