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Joffrey hate aside, I think we should all thank Jack Gleeson for the excellent performance he has given us while on Game of Thrones. It takes a lot to make a character that repulsive and vile when you’re the complete opposite in real life. Well done Jack.
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Joffrey, Ned Stark sends his regards.

Lord Ned Stark, the passive-aggressive.

Hahahah fuck yes.
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"He's Choking!"
Cersei:The World:   
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Man the wedding tonight will be so beautiful that I think even Joffrey is going to choke up!
this guy right here needs a bigger fandom his little self was charming he’s cute as a dozen of kittens and puppies dat acting skills though btw he’s actually hot shirtless alert and let’s all admit that his joffrey was legen-freaking-dary just look at this evil l...
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