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Seriously, I know someone who doesn’t like him How can you not love him Look at that adorable asshole!
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forgive me
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On a scale of one to Karkat Vantas how much do you hate yourself
Can we all just take a minute to applaud Karkat Vantas for going from this to this? I love┬ácharacter development and gah I’m just so proud of him.
Karkat Possible.
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I made a post about this already but seriously What if trolls could run on all fours Like whenever Karkat was angry he’d just scamper away on all fours like Just imagine all the trolls running around like that
Karkat: do the fighting thing
Animation! Hopefully this animates and I’m not just giving the internet a static image to stare at. Been working on this between drawings for the past few weeks! I like action sequences. I’ve never animated anything like this so I thought I’d give it a try, and then why not make i...
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