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I’ll write down all of your URLs and make something special to send to U-KISS! C:
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  • Beliebers:JB has the best fashion.
  • A+:No Mblaq does
  • ELFs:No Suju does
  • Sone:No SNSD does
  • B2UTY:No Beast does
  • KissMe:No U-Kiss does
  • Exotics:No Exo does
  • 4nias:No 4minute does
  • ...
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What U-Kiss taught me.
Kiseop - If you keep trying, you can achieve your goals Soohyun - Live your dream Eli - Don’t care about the haters Alexander - Be different if it’s what you want AJ - Express your passion, don’t hold it in Dongho -Even if you’re young, you should still fight for your dr...
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Reblog this, Kissme or not, if you still support UKISS even through this issue they're on. We need t...
Please. Just click the reblog. We need to show them our support. I think they’re losing hope…
ukiss U-KISS Dongho ß *1k *5k 0330 kissme! ;u; see what i did there guys? lololol such BAD quality but it's okay it's my first try c:
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