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if i ever have kids and they’re afraid of monsters, i’ll tell them not worry. If there really is a monster in your closet these two boys, sam and dean, are going to come and take care of it. they won’t let the monsters hurt you. and then i’ll put a line of salt around the clo...
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Kris left EXO
‘It is reported that Kris had left Korea and cut his hair in protest of Exo’s comeback song titled ‘Wolf.’ He revealed his disapproval of the song in an exclusive interview with MYN. He explained ‘There is no way I’m singing dat shit, especially the howling part. ...
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  • Kris during EXO Showcase:Sorry, my Korean isn't very good. JJANG!
  • Kris during EXO-M interviews:Yes, I've lived in Korea for 4 years so the language isn't a problem for me.
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