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June Is The Official LGBT+ Month Created By Obama
So I have decided (I decided this a while back) that June Will be Selfie Month for the LGBT community. The days will be spaced out as best I can. The Schedule Is As Follows:June 1st: Lesbians post your selfie and tag #lesbianprideselfieJune 4th: Gay Men post your selfies and tag #gayprideselfieJune ...
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can we please destroy the culture of cis hetero marriages where the guy acts like he’s getting dragged into it? it’s misogynistic as fuck, it’s rude and disrespectful to everyone involved, and it’s a huge middle finger to everyone else who would kill to get the privilege that you’re throwing around ...
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now that it’s #LGBTPrideMonth, reminder that the A in the longer acronym does not stand for Ally. #asexualawareness
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Warning: if you date me I like to sing and dance badly
Q: What do you call a bisexual who’s in a relationship with someone their own gender?A: Still a bisexual.Q: What do you call a bisexual who’s in a relationship with someone who’s not their own gender?A: Still, Still a bisexual.