when you say ‘i hate monosexuals’ what you’re actually saying is 'i hate gay people’ you’re saying 'gay men and women contribute to the oppression of non-heterosexual orientations just as much as straight people’ when you talk about 'monosexual privilege’ yo...
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FUN FACT: bisexuals are called bisexuals because they travel via Bifrost
"you can’t be bisexual! you’re dating somebody of the same sex, so you must be homosexual!" stop "you can’t be bisexual! you’re mostly attracted to people of the opposite sex, so you must be straight!" stop "you can’t be bisexual! you can’t be attracted to both se...
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(My sister is a lesbian and after our mother doesn’t react very well to her coming out, she is nervous about telling our more conservative father.) Sister: “Dad, I need to tell you something.” Dad: “Okay.” Sister: “I’m gay.” Dad: “That’s nice. What do you want for dinner?” (A couple months later she...
(Note: I’m a female customer sitting in a pub. I’m approached by another male customer while I read a book.) Male customer: “Hello, my name is ***.” Me: “That’s nice.” Male customer: “So can I have your number?” Me: “Oh. Actually, I’m gay.” Male customer: “You want to have sex with women?” Me: “Well...
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protect trans women of color at all costs support trans women of color at all costs fund trans women of color at all costs center trans women of color at all costs defend trans women of color at all costs
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