osomatsu san Todomatsu I GOT KIND OF SAD AT THIS EP NGL... LIKE... KARA TREATS HIS SHIT GF LIKE GOLD and i just get emotional
You heard James?” said Lupin, in a strange voice. “Yeah …” Face dry, Harry looked up. “Why–you didn&rsq...
Can I just say that Xiumin has like the best fucking attitude ever! Like seriously, he has to endure...
i feel like a hug from chris evans would solve all my problems
mygifs mine exo exo k CE bye chanyeol xxxxk he looks tired af jangsoo shop OMgGggGggG I'M SOOOO EXCITED HE'S SOOOO cUTE AND SOOOO TALLLLLLLLL I MISS HUGGinG taLL bOYs LiKE cHANyeOl :((((((((((( I NEED a ByOfrIEnd LMAo gonna support the shit out of his movie and i hope it gets played here in my city too ;u; this was filmed during tlp tour :(((((( or maybe i'm just not used to seeing his eyes being tightlined w/ eyeliner anymore?? idk also a gold-star to chanyeol's mua bc she always makes his eyeliner look SOOOO natural and pretty *u* GONNA GO CRY IN THE CORNER BC PCY IS NOT MY BF aND LYFE IS CRUEL & UNFAIR lmao and i meant **not used to seeing his eyes wITHOUT tightlined eyeliner***
* this looks like shit Beyond the Boundary Kyoukai no Kanata mirai kuriyama
books Read ferret oh my goodness gah! quigley thebookferret i don't think i realized just how amazing quigley is at posing he's such a good model diggle just won't hold still and he doesn't like any treats so i can't bribe him
my gifs mine batman dc dick grayson jason todd barbara gordon tim drake because seriously dcedit arkham knight bat brats no batdad this time 90% of the time he treats his kids like shit in this game
mine ... Steve Rogers i'll see myself out i just like to think that his first kiss (and other things duuh) since 1945 happened there so now he's like 'well shit' bc we all know steven grant rogers is loud ok
otp eunhyuk hyukjae choco lee hyukjae pics and gifs not mine credit to owners lee choco touching oppa's jewel is the best perk there is at times like that you just wish to be choco hyukjae's girlfriend i kennot with him when he said that his gf is waiting for him backstage really now hyukjae don't be a heenim and go find a real girl and as katniss says I VOLUNTEEEEER!!!!!
my gif 2k running man lee kwangsoo kwangsoo property of WeLoveHaeHyuk lee gwangsoo PMSL I CANNOT STOP REPLAYING like not ever 10 mins into the episode he's getting more and more cute and handome in each episode ep.191 adventure in australia best sheriff of gold
no one is being taught in school how to interpret black art and black bodies within that art so the default reaction is to just trivialize them
1k mine MY EDIT jojo's bizarre adventure joseph joestar jjba jojo no kimyou na bouken im sorry it looks like shit i made this in less than 10 minutes
i laughed Markiplier so damn hard i fucking love when people realize they've fucked up and they can't come back from it he had like three 'well shit' moments in there ps his hair is so pretty
boyfriend KARA hyuk kwangmin vixx youngji oh hyukkie if maknae rebellion was still around he would 100% have the time of his life there they were so cute on the show tgt hehe look at hyuks stupid face in the last one youngji is giggling adorably and kwangmin is just like brO i expected better from you q: over the rainbow
When you didn't even make a joke and everyone's laughing at you
CREDITS: gif owner
Aang oh how times have changed it still hasnt really sunk in yet ill see that screencap on my dash and just be like woah that's a fine looking guy oh shit that's aang i wonder who's gonna do his voice...
1k mygif laura benanti i see a lot of posts on this website saying 'treat ladies like leslie knope treats ann perkins' and that's true but also treat ladies like laura benanti treats ladies especially in this interview where paul really tries to pit her against all the other broadway ladies love and respect other ladies like laura benanti does