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[UPDATE] It appears that RiSe was unable to conduct her final surgery & is currently in ICU. Click here for more information. Following Ladies’ Code‘s devastating car accident leading to the death of EunB, it has been confirmed that RiSe has successfully concluded her 9 hour brain s...
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Ladies’ Code - Galaxy
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Kpop fandom hug for Rise, EunB and Ladies' Code.
I’m sure Eunbi is greeting Rise with open arms and a warm smile right now.
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Reblog if you support Ladies Code
I wanna do a project to send to the girls for when they all recover. I want them to truly see how much Lavelies care about them. Whether you’re a fan or not, it would mean a lot.
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BREAKING: Ladies' Code RiSe passes away
In hearbreaking news, Ladies’ Code member, RiSe has passed away after succumbing to her critical injuries after the car crash that claimed fellow member, EunB’s life. Polaris Entertainment revealed in a statement that after being in a coma for several days, her surgery was stopped due t...
Atwell has reported that she was asked by the film company to lose weightfor her role as Julia Flyte. It was only when co-star Emma Thompson (who will play Lady Marchmain) heard the news that things got resolved: Says Atwell: “I wentround to Emma’s one night and she was getting very angry tha...
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i still think u gotta be on some voodoo shit to work one of these fuckers
If he says, “If you love me, you’d have sex with me”…
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