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mygif true blood my bb lafayette reynolds Nelsan Ellis i went crazy over this suit and his makeup o m g
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Fired Public School humiliation
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teeth monster body horror monster girl TRYPOPHOBIA Scopophobia monster boy monster boyfriend coronation tribu's art and by demon i mean WEIRD DOG lafayette reads communist manifesto in her off time to piss off her employers i dunno if she actually knows german tho this series was a mess to draw haha look at how inconsistent my style is i am lucky that nid is actually shapechanging
Illustration art submission eatsleepdraw artists on tumblr
NYC new york city 90s brooklyn 1990s pbs Alex Fernandez Ghostwriter Sheldon Turnipseed Jamal Jenkins Gaby Fernandez Mayteana Morales David Lopez Next time I visit NYC I want to visit Lafayette & Cumberland just to see where my favorite childhood show took place
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