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I’m sorry but this is the best fucking Larry gif ever How they both look eachother up and down and loUIS’ FUCKING DICK TWITCHES AND hARRY IS JUST SITTING THERE SMIRKING AND LIKE NO FUCKING CHRIST YOU HOMOS WEAR ME OUT
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They’ve called us ‘deluded.’ We ‘genuinely’ think that they’re in a relationship. But one thing they’ve never called us? Wrong.
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Before Management went completely insane and starting controlling every single aspect in the boys’ lives, Harry and Louis actually had the freedom to tweet each other whatever they wanted. Here are all the Larry tweets between the two of them that I’ve been able to find:
Nakkiyah Hicks just VERY BLATANTLY OUTED THE BOYS she was on the PR team for the boys and is now being sued by Modest! Management oh my god you can’t pretend like she isn’t being completely obvious you can’t pretend this isn’t real you can’t pretend they’re not i...
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Hey remember when everyone shipped Larry and we didn’t have to live like district 12
if harry and louis did have sex, it was friendly. stop lying to yourselves.
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Remember when Harry went to put his arm around Louis but Louis literally twitched his whole body because thats one of the things¬†Harry can’t do
who thinks that harry’s wakingup photo was taken from louis’s phone?
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Larry Stylinson
do you ever just
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Harry Styles, I don’t care if you’ll stay in the USA longer than the other boys.I don’t care if we’ll have to tolerate a hundred pictures of you with your fake girlfriend.I don’t even care if we’ll be forced to read many fake articles about how happy you two are.B...