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my edits star wars Obi-Wan Kenobi Dorks Anakin Skywalker mine: star wars anakinobiwan I just love so much that this means at some point they got together just to come up with all of these ridiculous signals for every possible plan down to something as specific as 'Okay now let's escape by cutting through the floor' but I also love that they know each other so well that they barely have to glance at one another for even a moment to know what they're suggesting that they can have this kind of hugely important life or death conversation so casually and barely exchanging any actual words at all and there's never any question or concern about if the other is really on the same page or not There's just so much trust and intimacy in this whole exchange
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My only escape nowadays is sleep.
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Opposites attract. I'm ugly,you're cute,let's date.