• Let's have a meal together •
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there’s a Garfield comic where Jon drinks Odie’s semen
Send my muse "Let's have babies together" to see how they'd react.
mcdonalds happy meal sand sculpture i have never felt more uncomfortable in my life
martin freeman Benedict Cumberbatch let's have both of them together as well yeah?
tweets SOBBING Dylan O'Brien LET ME HAVE YOUR CHILDREN let's all cry together shall we HIS ARM
Hey let's do a thing:
Whoever reblogs this post from now until February 14th will get a stupid Valentine’s card based on their blog and I WILL do them all. It would help also if you put some characters you like/your favourite fandom in the tags. Have fun!
Let's Be Honest Together
Fill in the blank I am sometimes afraid to admit that I don’t like BLANK. I don’t hate it, or dislike people who like it, I’m just not into BLANK. I’ll start… Pokemon
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love marriage
* justin bieber selena gomez otp: make babys together let's play a game and guess with video was only 360p sara's adventures in photoshop
Let's Stay Together
Al Green  Greatest Hits
How about a little old school soul. So groovy. 
Let's give Tarrlok the 'not as big of a jerk as you could have been' award.
Let's build a fort and have sex in it
kurt hummel glee chris colfer minemine let's have a kiki
gif naruto
cute couples together let's together let's