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Fey Library Fines
Overdue books are not a matter to be joked about when you borrow from a fey library. If you return your books late, please expect at least one of the following: The inability to speak without rhyme until enough time has passed that you can safely ask the librarian on duty if you may again know the b...
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JFK Library Not Connected
It’s been reported (and confirmed) that the fire at the library was due to mechanical issues and not connected to anything that has been happening at the Boston Marathon.  (x) adding another source just in case people don’t trust reddit (x)
More tidbits I’ve found while researching tumblr has a sad-boner for the burning of the library of alexandria which was not actually one burning but several and while the Library of Alexandria was an immense historical and national treasure, a lot of ppl tend to forget about the other book and...
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An abandoned Walmart becomes largest public library in the U.S.
Libraries aren’t dead, no matter what you’ve heard. By LARA FERNANDEZ Many times abandoned places are left behind, but not in this case. What once was a Walmart is now the largest single-story public library in the United States, reports the design trade site PSFK.com. The McAllen Publ...
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Watching a student walk into the library in 5-inch heels..
  • Me:*sees kid reading*
  • Me:Yes
  • Me:*notices it's Harry Potter*
  • Me:Yeeeessssss
  • Me:*sees it's the final book*
  • Librarian:sssst
  • Me:*making gestures to the kid with tears running down my face*
September is Library Card Sign-up Month
Do you have a library card yet?
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Whenever someone mentions my favorite book...
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