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  • Book 1:But Harry, James saved Snape's life.
  • Movie:NO. Pfft. Minor details. Clearly the ear wax joke is more important.
  • Book 3:Harry your father turned into an illegal animagus to help Professor Lupin out.
  • Movie:Yeah, here's a stag. Imagine it's your father Harry.
  • Book 4:Harry, I am the Dark Lord and even I acknowledge that your dad was brave as fuck.
  • Movies:What are you talking about?
  • Book 5:Look, he is insecure and smitten. And oh, that was a TERRIBLE thing to do James. Yeah, sure you hate what Snape called Lily later. And sure Snape retailated or whatever. But that wasn't cool James, that was stupid and unnecessary.
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Hard Out Here
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