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BBC1 livestreams for Doctor Who tonight
Feel free to add your own, if you have ones. Livestream 1 Livestream 2 Livestream 3 Livestream 4 Livestream 5 Livestream 6 Livestream 7 Livestream 8
Today 8PM EST Experience it with the fandom Then join us for the flailing and fallout
Dylan’s first audition he came in and handed over his resume and there were two youtube links on his resume and nothing else. Usually ...
  • Steven:Because what Mark Gatiss likes to do with dogs is accuse them of murder! And then blow them up.
  • Interviewer:I like the scene in the Buckingham palace; I like seeing the rear-end of Sherlock.
  • Benedict:Tea with Martin Crieff? Oh god no! He'd spill tea on himself and I'd have to clean it up for him, and then he'd walk into a door and I'd have to phone an ambulance for him...
  • Benedict:It would be nice to do a film of Sherlock, wouldn't it?
  • Steven:I'm not entirely sure I know the back-story for Mark Gatiss!
  • Benedict:(about deducing people in real life) Have you been traveling with a cat recently? [...] That would be quite fun; running around town, finding out shit about everyone...
  • Steven:(on strange reactions from fans) We're getting on a mini-bus and people were shouting; "Karen, I love you! Matt, marry me! Moffat, could you put your head down?!"
Darren spots his topless photo on a fan's wall and promptly pisses himself laughing.
So much second hand embarrassment.
  • danny:whats different about american fans
  • yongguk:yall crazy as fuck
The entire Klaine Box Scene livestream that aired on May 29t...
1k mygifs justin bieber Livestream
1k mygifs justin bieber Livestream
[Livestreams] Teen Choice Awards
Red Carpet (7pm ET):Fabsugar.comAwardshow (8pm ET):Livestream #1 | Livestream #2 | Livestream #3 | Livestream #4 7pm ET - 12am in UK - 1am in Germany/France/Denmark, Sweden… 8pm ET - 1am in UK - 2am in Germany/France/Denmark/Sweden…
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4x01 ‘Growing Pains’ airs tonight at 8/7c  1/2/3/4/5/6
Livestreams for Glee 3x19 'Prom- asaurus'
Livestreams for Glee 3x19 ‘Prom- asaurus’ Phstream.com:http://www.phstream.com/2010/10/watch-fox-live-stream.html Bubastvshack.com:bubastvshack.com/html/live_tv/fox_alt1.html Stream2watch.me:www.stream2watch.me/live-tv/fox-live-streamGleeklatino.com:www.gleeklatino.com/portal?pid=3 Glee...
Livestreams for Glee 3x15 - Big Brother
Livestream 1: Nowwatchlive.comLivestream 2: Gleeklationo.comLivestream 3: Gleeenvivo.com.arLivestream 4: Glee-Italia.netLivestream 5: Gleelivestream.blogspot.deLivestream 6: Bubastvshack.comLivestream 7: Ilive.toLivestream 8: TVPC.com If you missed the episode you can find it here I hope the livestr...
BBC 1 Livestreams for Doctor Who
Livestream 1 Livestream 2 Livestream 3 Livestream 4 Livestream 5 Livestream 6 Livestream 7 Livestream 8 Livestream 9 If you have another working livestream, please add it to the list!!
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How Klaine Changed The World (the first part of The Box Scen...
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