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my creations roadtrip playlist fanmix so bye music mix !1000 summer mix fanmix: mix im posting this as an excuse to get off tumblr for a while and actually do work
outtakes Lorde elle mag Ella Yelich O'Connor
MY EDIT feminism Dazed and Confused Lorde LordeMusic Ella Yelich-O'Connor Dazed Magazine lorde gifs
vintage room Arctic Monkeys lana del rey vinyl kodaline Lorde
photoshoot edit Lorde by jade Ella Yelich O'Connor lordeedit
petition for taylor swift and lorde to do a track together and have a really aesthetically pleasing dark and mysterious music video with lots of smokey eyes and black panthers and wilting flowers and long flowing ballgowns as they step over the bodies of men they have just poisoned yassssssssssss...
everything about the bad blood video is so perfect and amazing and then there’s that lipless demon lena dunham unnecessarily sitting there smoking a cigar
Oppressors always expect the oppressed to extend to them the understanding so lacking in themselves.
1k Lorde Ella Yelich-O'Connor lordeedit MET Gala 2015 she slayed the dress!
Illustration quote feminism Activism Burnout Social Justice Audre Lorde encouragment social justice burnout
taylor swift haim Lorde
Black and White music hip hop indie Grunge singer psychedelic x punk Alternative bands Arctic Monkeys songs lana del rey xx lana 1975 lykke li The XX Marina and the Diamonds am marina diamandis marina Bastille Paloma Faith the neighbourhood the 1975 Lorde the nbhd nbhd
1k photoshoot outtakes Outtake Lorde stella magazine Ella Yelich-O'Connor
1k photoshoot 5k 2k 10k outtakes elle magazine Lorde Ella Yelich-O'Connor ..ok
A lot of boys and girls think their lives will have meaning if they find a partner who wants nothing else in life but them. That’s not healt...
twitter taylor swift 2015 Lorde
gif 1k my gifs 2k Lorde Ella Yelich-O'Connor gtkmm
[…] I do not exist to do his feeling for him.  Men who are afraid to feel must keep women around to do their feeling for them while ...
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