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Doojoon beast MBLAQ joon current-loves
cat love cute flowers he loves me
kenan and kel ido who loves orange soda orangesoda Kel loves orange soda
bfs e loves
The thing about Louis is that even if Louis isn’t your fav, he’s probably your fav’s fav, so basically by the transitive property Louis is your fav whether you like it or not.
bfs e loves
bfs e loves
where the dark hair boys
otp Zarry Loves
someone loves you
Zarry Loves whatever *g eep looks messy
Personal bed morning relatable loves me
Yea Niall is the coolest, I love him. He’s great. I feel like I kind of got to know the guys a little bit which was pretty exciting.
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queue exo ed exo m Kris wu fan current-loves i will marry him anytime
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LISTEN TO ME Harry is the light *Happily* and Louis is the dark *Strong* and they complete each other goodbye forever