• Lying push i''m fine it''s ok push people away need someone •
Four names. Marry, kiss, cuddle and push away.
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doctor who amy pond eleventh doctor dw eleven x amy amy x eleven m;gifs otp;ae take my feelings away from me i just thought of this song while watching the trailer and i had to and while making this i neglected my summer reading.. i'm so close to finishing the last book i just have to push myself to finish it
Steve Rogers doing things marveledit mcuedit mine:captain america movie:cap tfa why i love fandoms i need to go to bed and instead i'm doing this
my stuff bambi Disneyedit bambi 2 bambi II Jemi attempts GIF making The Great Prince this movie is actually really important to me because it came out soon after my own mom passed away and it just hit a whole bunch of different notes and just...the development of the great prince is wonderful because the ore he opens up the more we see how much the death of Bambi's mother actually affected him he doesn't speak of her because it causes him pain he uses anger and aloofness to push people away and hide his emotions it's not that he doesn't love Bambi it's that he's become AFRAID to love his own son out of fear of losing him too i have a lot of deer dad feelings
Don't Push!
Yongguk  LOE2014 Sydney
Yongguk (talking to the audience): Let me tell you something… Um.. Step ba...
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my gifs batman wonder woman ok bye bruce wayne Diana of Themyscira justice league unlimited Wonderbat otp:bmww JLU:For The Man Who Has Everything mine:jlu gifs:jlu OKAY I WAS READING THIS FIC AND THIS SCENE WAS MENTIONED EXCUSE ME I HAVE TO GO AND DIE FOR A WHILE SHE DID IT ON PURPOSE BECAUSE SHE KNEW HE WOULD REACT SHE DEFINITELY KNOWS HOW TO PUSH HIS BUTTONS OR THAT'S JUST ME
monochrome color splash yato rabo noragami I NEED IT OK ninjagif someone get me a spinoff where it's just yato and rabo killing people
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Kanye West  Late Registration
Kanye West // Roses Hey chick, I’m at a lost for words.What do you say at...
NEW VIDEO: HOW TO DEAL WITH BULLIES - if you’ve ever had to ...
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