1k ** edit instagram divergent crying* 2014 instapic ansel elgort anselelgortedit MAMA I MADE IT NO I AM NOT RYING
mine graduation Brand New grad cap
1k elizabeth banks effie trinket thgedit I made a thing mjedit MAMA EFFIE effietrinketdefenseforce using different clips than usual to spice it up a bit lol i love these clips though because they all involve katniss :') annoyance to heartache to PROUD MAMA BEAR effie bby ily so much
supernatural sam winchester photoshop vomit The thumbnail for this made it look so ugly and I was like oh my god does this really look that terrible from afar I might die lol mama
animation exo !edit ot12 edit:exo history one turned out pretty confusing and................ug and mama one is too simple sob the last ones i did bc hard to think of smth great then i got lazier which made it even more terrible sigh
1k * 5k 10k long post rami malek new dimensions ramimalekedit ramimaleksdaily mama malek is so real i love it if i made a spelling mistake then just kill me
homestuck scalemate meimisk big-mama-meimisk what will i even do with this it's so beautiful
1k my stuff amy poehler Tina Fey btw 1k+ baby mama this scene made me cry so much TinAmy Re-watching Baby Mama this one and when Kate found out the truth about Angie it was heartbreaking And good acting It feels SO GOOD to have Photoshop again
narry narry manip i'm sorry idk what this is i was just feeling it because clean post rehearsal boyfriends it's average but oh well mama i've made it
My art legend of korra raava
Big Bang t.o.p hyuna I made Troublemaker k-pop mama this was so funny mama 2013
spike lee halloween 2014 mama spike
Alicia Keys jay z I made this png transparent lil mama
BTS RUN MAMA 2015 COMEBACKI saved this to make gifs and such...
legend of korra lok Kya book 3 b3gifs book 3 spoilers i couldnt help but think of katara DDD: badass kya right when she realized you knew shit was going down I HAVENT MADE GIFS IN LIKE A MONTH GOMEN IM RUSTY AS FUCK lok gifs
* 5k Dylan O'Brien TW 3k stiles stilinski Tyler Posey should i post it? Scott McCall Mama McCall twedit shut the fuck up aiden this fucking season though WHAT IS THIS ONE MORE WEEK CAN I EVEN LIVE THAT LONG I MADE THE BEST FUCKING PSD FOR THIS
Dear Mama
2Pac - Dear Mama Pour out some liquor and I reminisce, cause through the drama, ...
exo simple chanyeol looking thru mama era photos made me very happy because chanyeol smiled sooooo much that i just realized he doesnt as much anymore
One Direction Zayn Malik 1D what am i doing with my life zayn gif one direction funny 1D funny 1dmemesjordan SHAKE IT LIL MAMA twerk it out