• MILK •
You cannot leave and have me too I cannot exist in two places at once.
pvris lyndsey gunnulfsen lynn gunn
Illustration art design artist 3D sci-fi Abstract everyday artists on tumblr c4d cinema4d Beeple
i do not want to have you to fill the empty parts of me i want to be full on my own i want to be so complete i could light a city and then i...
flowers pink pastel roses march16
when u show ur parents an Amusing Thing on ur phone and they like “who is that? who wrote that? did ur friend take that pic? whos pet is that? where is that?” like i dont KNow fam its just floating around cyberspace and i caught it in my Blog Net and bestowed the Amusing Thing upon ur eyes i dont kn...
animals nature world bear WWII History war bizarre brown bear Wojtek
original rabbit Strawberry illust
baby mom science biology breast milk breastmilk
* animals kangaroo josh tastefullyoffensive baby kangaroo
*mine the witch tw: horror horroredit hannah makes stuff Robert Eggers the vvitch the witch 2016
1k my post makeup MILK rupaul's drag race Drag Queen jeffree star willam belli Willam RPDR phi phi o'hara Miss fame nikkietutorials painted by fame she's so talented she can make anyone look like her I s2g I was convinced milk was fame
anything you love requires patience
art cats new york city times square
the one who arrives after you will remind me love is supposed to be soft he will taste like the poetry i wish i could write
Zayn Malik art Typography words lyrics posts Zayn zm pillowtalk Margriet Smulders wow this actually got notes
cute boho indie cafe MILK ice cream ignoringx
relationships poetry poem living relatable Milk and Honey rupi kaur woc writers
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