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my gifs mine requested Ned Stark catelyn tully mine: asoiaf i hope you like it! scheduled post cat x ned gotcatelynstark gotcatelyntully asoiafedit gotnedstark mine: fancasting mine: preseries i decided to focus on the very first years and stop where things probably started to get better when cat and ned started to know and love each other (but this is really my headcanon i don't think we know when had ned the sept built tbh) it focuses more on catelyn becaue we know more details from these years from her but i tried to include both sides :) it's not exactly romantic but i wanted to make it as close to canon as possible and i think there's some beauty in how they didn't fall in love with each other right away but how it was a process as i said i hope like it! it was beautiful to make :)
MY EDIT tony stark Iron Man 3 marveledit robertdowney jamexmcavoy scottlanq
mine game of thrones got 3k natalie dormer got cast gotcastedit ndormeredit basically a summary got in a nutshell natalie will be the end of me
game of thrones *mine daenerys targaryen gotedit gameofgifs gotdaenerystargaryen *Game of Thrones *mine: gif gameofthronesdaily iheartgot MUCHO INSP PERO ES QUE ES HERMOSOS
gif original Sansa Stark gotedit gotsansastark asoiafedit by claire
game of thrones robb stark edit1 direwolves edit: game of thrones grey wind gotgifset gotedit gotrobbstark asoiafedit
game of thrones *mine gotedit gameofgifs *Game of Thrones *mine: gif gameofthronesdaily iheartgot
my gifs game of thrones robb stark bran stark asoiaf jon snow Rickon Stark House Stark Arya Stark Sansa Stark gotedit brandon stark asoiafedit this is speculative because ned never explicitly states these are their namesakes but i think i have a good idea hey christine
summer game of thrones bran stark edit1 fav quotes direwolves edit: game of thrones gotgifset gotedit gotbranstark asoiafedit
mygifs Iron Man 2 justin hammer marveledit mcuedit ironmanedit i rise out of my grave to talk about tony stark
How to Flirt
1) Make eye contact2) Smile and approach3) Whisper “The Lannisters send their regards”4) Stab5) Leave
game of thrones edit1 daenerys targaryen edit: game of thrones gotgifset gotedit gotdaenerystargaryen sorry i've been gone a few days here's another dany set (=
1k my gifs mine tony stark q 2k 500 Marvel mcu ironmanedit tonystarkedit marvellousnetwork newavengersnet ive seen a lot of tony negativity lately which amde me :/ so im making this gifset because tony is great and is a /hero/ please stop villainizing tony stark ty i will do a series of this probably /probably/
s1 g Arya Stark Sansa Stark Stark gotedit alessia
gifs game of thrones Season 4 Tyrion Lannister gotedit gottyrionlannister *veronika
MY EDIT game of thrones jon snow stannis baratheon gotedit gotjonsnow gotstannisbaratheon all right all right all right this is the last part (for now *cackle*) of my weekend obnoxious campaign:  jon and stannis sittin’ in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g i’d say sorry for being one track mind but I’m not I MEAN LOOK AT THIS SHIT PART 2 LOOK AT THIS STUBBORN UNYIELDING OBSTINATE PURE IRON (haha stannis is the most pragmatic strategic and sneaky commander out there I LOVE THIS MISCONCEPTION being proud and stubborn as a character does not equal being this as a military force as leader as king) LOOK AT HIM ADMIRING THIS BOY RESPECTING THIS BOY FOLLOWING THIS BOY’S ADVICE  treating him like equal like partner like ACTUAL SECOND IN COMMAND stannis is a foreigner on the wall in the north he knows nothing of these lands these people more – he’s got this beef from early years he could have harbuored in him and let himself be defeated by it WHAT HE DOES INSTEAD IS RAISE ABOVE IT AND BECOMES ACTUAL NORTHERN HERO through willingness to act and interfere when no one else would AND IT’S ALL DUE TO THIS BOY his competence strategy intelligence i mean stannis would have walked right into the trap of dreadfort if it weren’t for jon not to mention MORE THAN HALF OF HIS ARMY ARE MOUNTAIN CLANS SUGGESTED BY JON (like jon open the gates of the most obscure and RAWEST parts of the north for stannis BECAUSE HE TRUSTS HIM THIS MUCH) and stannis walks through these gates with RESPECT AND AWARENESS OF A NEGOTIATOR NOT INVADER BECAUSE HE RESPECTS JON THIS MUCH yes it’s cooperation for mutual gains but it’s guardianship and mentorship and partnership that genuinely came from this and bonded them I SHOULD HAVE GIVEN YOU SON *stannis looks longingly at jon like HE’S ALREADY ONE* jfc goodbye (selyse reading her husband like an open book LIKE NO ONE ELSE CAN is another topic for gifset and tagrants BUT PLEASE I’M DYING) (plus that caption quote is basically what selyse does here yet with melisandre SHE KNOWS HIM SO WELL AND ANTICIPATES HIS REACTIONS LIKE NONE OTHER and this is another reason to die but not here it's got obnoxious enough i shall go)
1k mine game of thrones robb stark mine:gifs got mine:got gotedit gotrobbstark robbstarkedit mine:robb stark
game of thrones jon snow mine: gif *mine* *1k *500 *request gotedit mine: new i hope you like it :) gotjonsnow asoiafedit guizmop I'm sorry these are taking me so long I have no time at all :/ I try to hurry
1k *gifs requests i hope you like it! gotedit songsofwolves asoiafedit gotmartells Quentyn Martell unbowed unbent unbroken gotquentynmartell (shhh i know he's a little too good-looking to be fancasted as quentyn) (but tbh i haven’t found a fancast i like better yet)
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