y my chest hurts Mizuki DRAMAtical Murder Aoba babies my sweet babies
MY EDIT babies
  • person:why are you crying
  • me:i love dragons so much
but on ‘transmitter’ when the post-it note man came out and luke went to touch it then michael pushed his arm back like “no don’t” all protectively i am squealing
anderberry blainchel MY BABIES
the boys took like 8 hours of their time to do this for us. i don’t care what anyone says they care so much and i love them unbelievable amounts. they make me so happy
louis tomlinson Zayn Malik 1D otp zouis babies louistomlinson zaynmalik faves my OTP
my edits delena kiss ian somerhalder my stuff 1kplus nina dobrev Nian MY BABIES my fucking babies
glee my stuff glee cast my babies:')
MY EDIT martin freeman Benedict Cumberbatch MY BABIES
donghae siwon sungmin hawaii my gifs: super junior my babies look at my pretty babies SUNGMIN WHY ARE YOU SO PRETTY AND TANNED AND GORGEOUS
me Jeffrey Campbell babies coltranes
me love babies so much docs martens
Aang Avatar katara MY BABIES Korra kataang i cant lok i fucking cant oh lordy my babies
pikachu pokemon pokemon gif my stuff kanto precious babies unova electric type normal type kalos helioptile my babies <3 pokegraphic
niall literally can’t hold babies he dangled his own nephew like a sack of potatoes and he grabbed that kitten like a leftover meatball dear god i need a second to pray for his future kids
1k tyler hoechlin Tyler Posey twcast my babies!!!!!!!!!!!
homestuck goodnight jake english doodles Dirk Strider poor babies gotta feed my need sadstuck is great BUT MY BABIES