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20 Household Herbs and their Magical Uses
Sea Salt: purification and cleansing Sage: sacred purification herb, used to banish negative energies, and consecrate magical tools and spaces Black Pepper: banishing negativity, warding off evil, and protection Thyme: invigorates the user and inspires them to move on to new things- good for gett...
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Herbs listed by Folk Names
Aaron’s Rod - Goldenrod or mullein stalkAbsinthe - WormwoodAdder’s Fork - Adder’s Tongue Fern or BistortAdder’s Tongue - Dog’s Tooth Violet (or Adder’s Tongue FernAgue root - Unicorn rootAlison - Sweet AlyssumAngel Food, Archangel - AngelicaAngel’s Trumpet -...
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The Sun sees your body. The Moon sees your soul.
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Crystal lore
The Basics: What is a Crystal? Crystal Energy Taking care of Crystals Toxic Crystals and Minerals The Crystals: Main Crystals & Their Uses Azurite Agate Amber Amethyst Aquamarine Bloodstone Citrine Diamond Fluorite Jasper Jasper (red) Jet Lapis Lazuli Malachite Moonstone Obsidian Opal Oxide Quar...
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