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Reblog and show your appreciation for everyone’s favorite trading card game! I want to mutually follow all of you rad fuckers ;)
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How I imagine Arthur's reaction to Merlin's magic reveal:
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  • Corpse Bride:It has stroked midnight, the beginning of all Hallows Eve as your muse is awakened from their damp grave. They are in desperate in need of a bride/groom and will stop at nothing until they capture the heart of a living soul before the dawn of the new day.
  • Moon Howlers:Oh no! Intoxicated and confused, your muse has wandered into the forest and has been bitten by an Alpha wolf. They have 24 hours to find someone who has the cure before they are stuck with Lycanthropy for the rest of their days.
  • Disastrous Party:Your muse is in a festive mood and decides to throw a costume party. Everything seems to be going well during the first half of the night but by the time it strikes midnight everyone is finding their costumes are no longer masks. But their true form. You have 3 hours to figure out who played with this sort of wicked magic.
  • Sexy Nurse:Your Muse is stuck wearing a revealing costume for 24 hours. It seemed someone has spiked the punch and left you with a whole lot of confidence.
  • Witch Business:Your muse seems to have found love on Halloween with the next person on their dash for 2 days. Is it real or is it just merely mischievous magic?
  • Ghostly Moans:Even if you're dead, doesn't mean you can't have a little fun? Your muse has the abilities to touch but not be seen. What they do with that is merely up to you. But be warned, some may come off as spooked when they feel those cold fingertips.
  • Candy Corn:Your muse has a sweet tooth. They cannot resist the temptation of what is in front of them. Whether it's for candy or something else is entirely up to you.
  • Rub The Bottle:Your muse has to obey whatever command the next person in their inbox tells them.
  • Hot Lips:Aren't you the yummiest thing? Everybody who comes into your askbox finds themselves suddenly wanting to kiss you!
  • The Emperor:You are convinced you have some fantastic new clothes. In fact, you are completely naked, and you just can't see it. Everyone else can, though!
  • Social Pariah:Oh dear. You have an aura of repulsion around you which means your friends, lovers, and enemies find themselves unable to bear being near you for long.
  • Rumour Has It!:Psst, have you heard that one about....? You might not have, but everyone else has heard a bunch of delicious rumours about you. If you're particularly unfortunate, they may even have reached the news. Anon specifies the rumour.
  • In Heat:Someone's a little bit *needy*. Actually, you're so overcome with lust that you really, really need something to happen. Like, right now. And you'll whine pitifully until you get it.
  • Howl:You are now a werewolf, and sugar, it's full moon. Have fun with that.
  • Sensory Deprivation:You've just lost one of your five senses. Oh no! Anon specifies which you lose.
  • Freaky Friday:You just swapped bodies with one of your friends! Anon specifies who.
  • ...
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