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I don't understand puberty in the UK
Can someone explain these to me please?  I’m legitimately confused! ^this turns into this…  How did…  and  become   and  this boy is this boy George Shelley then… George Shelley now… Meet the Harries Twins Oh Em Gee wut. And last but DEFINITELY not least…...
marius pontmercy would own a password journal and his password would be “cosette” marius pontmercy wonders why everyone knows the password to his password journal
Marius Pontmercy
Marius goes up to the counter and orders a coffee black. He could afford an expensive frappucino, of course, but not everyone can, which isn’t fair. All his friends are sitting at a table in the corner waiting for him to get his coffee so they can start their meeting, but he sees a pretty blon...
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Marius Pontmercy would try to make casual conversation with other men while in the bathroom.
  • Aries:Suddenly appeared at his friend's doorstep and proclaimed "I've come to sleep with you."
  • Taurus:Had an in depth conversation with his brand new girlfriend before even telling her his name.
  • Gemini:Randomly shouted "Long live the Emperor!" out of the window in the middle of the night.
  • Cancer:Didn't understand why girls were looking at him and ran away from them. His friend had to explain to him that the reason girls were staring was that he was actually kind of hot.
  • Leo:Ordered 100 cards with his name "Le Baron Marius Pontmercy" on them, even though he had no one to give them to.
  • Virgo:Gave a passionate speech about Napoleon Bonaparte in a room full of young Republicans.
  • Libra:Didn't have a black coat he needed, only a green one, so he only went out when it was dark because the darkness made the coat look like it was black.
  • Scorpio:Got angry and jealous when the wind raised his crush's skirt a bit because "someone could have seen it".
  • ...
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marius pontmercy would be that one guy who brings his guitar to every party he goes to. 
  • Marius:Red...I feel my soul on fire! Black...my world if she's not there!
  • Enjolras:No
  • Marius:But--
  • Enjolras:NO. Bros before hoes
  • Marius:She is hardly--
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