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Preview of Ms. Marvel #1
One of the comics I’m looking forward to this year is Ms. Marvel from writer G. Willow Wilson and artist Adrian Alphona. Here is a preview of the first issue due next month.
9 Times Ms. Marvel Tackled Real Issues
By Sofía Marlasca (princessamericachavez)Since its debut, Ms. Marvel has been a massive success with all kinds of audiences. Marvel has been applauded for the introduction of a new Muslim American superhero (not the first one, mind you) and G. Willow Wilson’s writing has been universally acclaimed. ...
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New Ms. Marvel Will be a Muslim-American Teen
Marvel Comics announced today that in Feburary the title of Ms. Marvel, formerly that of Carol Danvers, will be taken on by Kamala Khan a teenage Muslim girl.  G. Willow Wilson, who wrote the the Vixen mini-series a few years back, will be pen the title. She is a convert to Islam.  Both Marvel and D...
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UPDATE: The list can now be found here.
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Whenever Deadpool breaks the fourth wall in his movie, I want one where he’s like “Oh man I could be getting so much help from this other group of superheroes based in New York but ya know…..” then he looks at the camera and he’s like “Studio ownership issues.” 
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