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The master "hot boys in association with one direction" master post
everyone they know is hot and here is the complete list of all known ones have fun fapping The Selley Brothers (Harrys cousins) The Devine Brothers Sean Cullen (Niall’s Best Friend) Andy Samuels and Maz Listhrop(Liam’s Bestfriends) Danny Riach (Zayn’s Bestfriend aka his backup d...
  • Deadly Insomniac:Your muse is unable to sleep for a specified amount of time regardless of how many attempts they make, becoming extremely tired, weak and dangerously volatile.
  • Childlike Innocence:Muse is mysteriously transformed into their small childhood form for a specified amount of time, accompanied with all the usual juvenile behaviours.
  • Personality Swap:Muse's usual personality is suddenly switched with another's for a specified amount of time, causing them to act like that person perfectly. Anon decides who.
  • Cross-dresser:Muse becomes a cross dresser for a specified amount of time, dressing up as the opposite sex.
  • Animal Suits!:Anon chooses an animal Muse must dress up as for a specified amount of time, imitating it's behaviour and characteristic traits.
  • Charmingly Flirtatious:Muse becomes a dazzling romantic for a specified amount of time, flirting with everyone regardless of gender, current relationship or sexual preferences.
  • Deliriously Drunk:Muse becomes excessively drunk for a specified amount of time, acting oddly and hallucinating occasionally. Muse may react to drunkenness however they please.
  • Shape Shifter:Anon decides what form Muse changes into, whether it be an animal, person, or even an object.
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Tama, the Wakayama Station Master
????????????????????????????????The Wakayama station master, a calico cat named Tama died. She was 16.
Cosplay Tips Master-Post
Hair: How to Make Long Hair Look Short Curling Synthetic Wigs With No Heat Styling Synthetic Wigs Buying Wigs Sewing: How to Sew an Invisible Stitch How to Sew a Pocket Hidden Side Pockets Makeup: Some Nice Coloured Body Paints Fake Wounds Painting Scales Fake Sewn Up Scar Make Skin Appear Paler Mak...
It is painfully obvious I do not own these beautiful pictures. If you reboob CHECK AND SEE IF IT CUTS OFF IF IT DOES MAKE IT A TEXT POST!
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Anxiety Gif Master Post
Hi!  I keep these on my computer and I wanted to make this post for someone…  Feel free to add sources - I don’t have them :)  Breathe in and out with this box Follow the brush with your eyes "Press" this button Follow the brush with your eyes (again) 
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what major do you need to become a cordi noona.
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