• Mean Girls Regina George karen smith Gretchen Weiners legifs the plastics anyway i tried okay mean girls. drunkwerewolves haymitcheds ALSO CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW MUCH GRETCHEN IS IN LOVE WITH REGINA LIKE omfg •
gif gifs movie Mean Girls Regina George gifset 2004 deleted scene wish they had left this in
Mean Girls Regina George patrick patrick star bus shocked patrick hit by bus
me pretty religion muslim politics peace support my face islam Hijab prejudice no hate kindess
Mean Girls Regina George FUGLY SLUT
gifs disney frozen kp I mean come on Princess Anna Disneyedit disney frozen olaf queen elsa lol anyway kpfilm frozenedit GIFs:Frozen gif report I CALL IT A GIF REPORT just felt like sharing my thoughts again the feels were overwhelming as i made this gifset tbh ELSA AND OLAF ARE THE SAME
LOL cute Mean Girls omg lmao twitter lacey chabert Gretchen Weiners toaster strudel
1k movies Mean Girls Rachel McAdams Regina George MY EDIT Lindsay Lohan amy poehler cady heron
thousand jason derulo hundred talk dirty to me ive been thinking about this ever since i first heard the song. i mean he could mean the other way but he'd still be missing half the globe rosalyn noises
Mean Girls Regina George meme olympics
some guy was trying to hit on me while i was out getting coffee today. So I pulled out my phone thinking he would go away if looked busy. instead he asked me “so is that a picture of you and your boyfriend”.  THIS IS MY PHONE BACKGROUND: I said yes.  
Regina George Halloween Costume
free to reblog long post / eye contact / ah long propaganda whites don't touch pls intra asia irl people /
The Hunger Games jennifer lawrence Catching Fire silver linings playbook serious respect jabberjays final trailer
  • anxiety:hey. hey! you fucked up.
  • me:oh shit, what did i do?
  • anxiety:i'm not telling. you have to guess.
Maggie Smith m Mean Girls Meryl Streep jessica lange ed Tina Fey susan sarandon jessica walter i just thought jane lynch was too young for this  cos shes in her 50s and idk how maggie smith would come in i just want her there
Boy Meets World
Powerpuff Girls Blossom ppg ctchrysler
Mean Girls Regina George ' i'm regina you're cady who is the other
Mean Girls Regina George olympics
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