• Mean Girls •
representation black dolls Black girls matter
man, teenaged girls aren’t allowed to have a genuine interest in anything without being ridiculed for it. if a girl likes ugg boots and starbucks she’s stupid and stereotypical, but if she likes combat boots and obscure coffee houses she’s a hipster wannabe and is trying too hard. if a girl listens ...
gifs about me Sofía Vergara 20kplus svedit
politics girl power feminism Social Justice woc malala yousafzai teenage girls YESSSS!
Bill Nye reading mean tweets 
Powerpuff Girls dexter's lab Nickelodeon doodles rugrats johnny bravo catdog Samurai Jack
LOL 10k 2 Broke Girls kat dennings Max Black 2bgedit 2brokegirlsedit
its so weird how ur gender supposedly dictates which shapes and textures of fuckening cloth u are permitted to drape over ur flesh prison
women Halloween Change evolution costumes halloween costumes
What Guys Look For In Girls by Savannah Brown - a response b...
love black girls body comparison gems self love
i'm sure monkeys do feel anxiety i'm sure there will be a reblog that is incensed about this but i'm feeling this pretty hard today and it's a good feeling to hear that echo come back in a silly voice the void yells back 'lol anxiety amirite?' cheer up jess (also if you've seen this posted already lmk i couldn't find it on a search but that doesn't mean it hasn't gone up)
gif funny video Siz
text jfc smooth taxts i mean texts smooth texts this better get fuckin notese u know how long it took to find all those posts
so josh hutcherson went to a kentucky basketball game yeah and the crowd blOODY MOCKINGJAY-SALUTED HIM
remember when u were 9 and u were carrying ur little razor scooter and it would hit ur achilles and it felt like the earth was collapsing
my gifs life lifestyle nicole richie short girls candidly nicole things that describe me yes i bolded one and not the other program froze on me I forgot I bolded
i mean jan mawgaux
my anaconda don’t want none unless you DEFEAT THE HUNS, SON
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