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* Season 1 1x01 BBC Merlin merlinedit bbcmerlin merthuredit bbcarthur i haven't giffed merlin in a year time to go back to my roots
Person: They can’t die! They’re the main character! Sherlock Fandom: Supernatural Fandom: Torchwood Fandom: Doctor Who Fandom: Game of Thrones Fandom: The Avengers Fandom: Harry Potter Fandom: Merlin Fandom: Divergent Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fandom: Tumblr: You must b...
1k my gifs Arthur Pendragon Merlin BBC Merlin merthur merlinedit gif merlin and if you stare at this set for a while you will be watching merlin and arthur rub their faces
MY EDIT Merlin BBC Merlin i'm sorry colin morgan merlinedit or not? merlincreatorsnetwork damn daniel meme i have a love hate relationship with this meme
MY EDIT well Bradley James Arthur Pendragon Merlin BBC Merlin merlinedit arthuredit damn daniel meme first I thought this meme was stupid now I think it's kind of funny after all and here's an edit I'll make one for merlin as well I think
lord of the rings myedit Merlin gandalf wizards lotredit Saruman radagast Alatar Pallando blue wizards do u know how fuckin hard it is to find an old man in a robe with a staff I had to use old Merlin for pallando lmao he's rly a 25 year old guy in make up
1k my gifs Merlin colin morgan Eoin Macken merlin1 merlinedit i'm emotional do you ever just cry because gwaine had so much unrequited love for merlin
1k mine Colin Firth Merlin mark strong mine: pics taron egerton eggsy unwin sophie cookson kingsman harry hart kingsmanedit roxy morton Kingsmanniversary km: sequel
my edits gifs my gifs BBC Merlin arthur Babyyyyyyy merlinedit 5x05 season5 bbcarthur themerlinfamily merlingraphicandgif merlincreatorsnetwork mine: pfaces pretty clotpole
doctor who sherlock supernatural superwholock jingle bells spn bbc sherlock Merlin BBC Merlin SPN family fandom life
mygifs :( Merlin merthur merlinedit ship meme
harry potter doctor who sherlock Alice In Wonderland peter pan Super Mario game of thrones bbc sherlock Captain America Merlin BBC Merlin narnia fandom life
upload nature modernvision ponderation superiorvisuals wcanvas lsleofskye
1k *mine Merlin *gifs merlinedit lionheart bbcmerlin bbcemrys themerlinfamily merlingraphicandgif why does it always look so ugly when i'm upload it it looked nice in ps
snow winter landscape ice nature castle scotland photographers on tumblr original photographers
Merlin au merlin fanart Alexxx's Fanart elf!merlin
Merlin merthur merlinedit mkcau this has been in my drafts for so long probs since last year; I was going to work on it but I have no time so may as well post it
MY EDIT Merlin BBC Merlin i love this quote merthur merlin x arthur merlinedit merthuredit and it's so perfect for my otps
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