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1k my gifs supernatural game of thrones The Avengers Merlin breaking bad I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR A MONTH TO PUBLISH THIS mainly because of the URL change
harry potter doctor who lord of the rings supernatural The Hunger Games x men game of thrones percy jackson The Avengers Merlin avatar the last airbender star trek the walking dead the mortal instruments Teen Wolf tfios dc comics vampire academy divergent Torch Wood
seriously like every British thing ever has john hurt in it see like harry potter merlin doctor who sherlock
I was initially planning on being a casual fan, but then I thought, why not just let it consume my soul instead? 
Mean Girls sherlock supernatural Benedict Cumberbatch dean winchester sam winchester Jensen Ackles Misha Collins ashley tisdale spn bbc sherlock Jared Padalecki Bradley James Arthur Pendragon Merlin BBC Merlin colin morgan wednesday winchester Amanda Seyfreid
hercules aladdin Merlin Flynn Rider prince phillip prince eric prince charming Prince Edward Prince Naveen frozen emperor kuzco hans king arthur THE TRINITY prince adam and last but not least and his 12 brothers who's not a price but a god aka prince ali aka the beast and his trusty tutor the original prince who has no name
Welcoming somebody to tumblr
Supernatural has a gif for everything The Sherlockians are mad The Whovians are permenantly confused The fannibals are polite, but don’t trust them The Hetalians ship nations LOTR are welcoming The Potterheads have awoken And there’s Merlin crying in the corner
god bless the people who upload tv shows to the internet
  • Hipsters:Do you have any idea how much it hurts to love someone who will never love you back?
  • Fandoms:WE'RE FANGIRLS
  • Fandoms:Our entire LIVES revolve around loving people who will never love us back
  • Fandoms:Some of them aren't even REAL PEOPLE
Friendly reminder that you’re probably going to outlive the very celebrities you love
Christmas 2011: BBC killed Sherlock Christmas 2012: BBC killed Arthur Christmas 2013: BBC is going to kill the 11th Doctor like wow you are just filled with the Christmas spirit BBC
harry potter sherlock supernatural Merlin star trek avengers
wolf lmao Merlin myfails arthur's bane i dont even know what to tag this as
"I just want one Christmas where I’m not emotionally devastated."
People from the same fandom as you:
It had to be done, okay. | {Gif credit to owner}
wolf Merlin myfails arthur's bane
Student: "Can you explain this again?"
Half the class: Annoyed smart kids: The kid who was too scared to ask: The teacher:
  • Jingle bells, Sherlock fell
  • Cas let go of Dean
  • Amy dies, the Doctor cries
  • And they cancelled Merlin
  • Why?!
American tv shows at christmas: British tv shows at christmas:
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