• Metal Gear •
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Ever wondered what your pets get up to when you’re not aroun...
gif my gifs animals shark fish sharks hannah fraser tiger shark
the other day we were discussing dating and this one dude was like “I don’t see the big deal why can’t people just ask people out without all the fuss” and another guy was like “well you get nervous and you get butterflies in your stomach ya know” and the first du...
wrestler cross dresser ladybeard metal singer
so in her lifetime, a woman can lose about ten gallons of blood through her period. that’s enough blood loss to die twenty times women are metal as fuck
Christmas jesus christ metal my drawings nativity scene the little drummer boy srsly tho hye and i are both confused on why u would play the drums for a babby or the 15 yr old who just gave birth and is probably exhausted
Metal Gear mine: gif* mine: mgsv gif* give DD some love damnit!!
gif LOL animals birds metal parrot cockatoo headbanging Rock out with your cockatoo out
  • normal person:sings lyrics
  • me:sings lyrics
  • sings backup vocals
  • sings guitar riffs
  • air-drums entire song
  • headbangs
gaming assassin's creed metal gear solid E3 Ubisoft Konami metal gear solid 5: the phantom pain e3 2014 we're laughing but also crying
Dear heavily tattooed people
If I’m staring at you it’s not because I’m judging you I’m just trying to check out your ink.
i feel bad my interests are all over the place like idk what content u followed me for originally but it probably wasnt this
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