• Methinks I should get some sleep •
game of thrones THIS IS STUPID House Stark moje house baratheon i'm so uninspired thought about doing all of them but lazy tbh and some of them would be hard and shit lol i should just go to sleep
my gifs beatles w0w i should sleep they're jsut now good not*
I read Moviefone's Girl's Guide to 'The Avengers' So You Don't Have To
Hey, did you know that girls are DUMB? Moviefone does! They wrote a really super specific GIRL’S GUIDE TO ‘THE AVENGERS.’  Girls, we know you’re just going to this movie because your boyfriend wants to see it. I mean, we drag them to romcoms and chick flicks all the time, it&...
The less sleep I get, the more awake I am.
& the more sleep I get, the less awake I am.
Figured I should put some Hetalia here.
My favourites are the Nordics
I wish I had more motivation
made by me Avatar atla too lazy to tag lok THIS TOOK WAY LONGER THAN IT SHOULD HAVE another womennn grafic??? the women are the strong ones truly is starting to get overused and i bet some people don't even know it's from asoiaf smh
mine okay good night rick riordan this took a while you're the best rr mine king riordan SO IT BETTER GET SOME NOTES going to sleep now
HAHAHA no draws avengers Hawkeye black widow I should draw some cool avenger art I said /uglylaughter
things that make me laugh harder than they should: gifs made with terrible stationary parts ?
Am I the only one who thinks the anthropomorphic version of the Impala would be a six foot tall, 45-year-old black woman who would beat the crap out of anything that threatened her boys with a crowbar and take absolutely no shit from Dean? ?
drawing Black and White sherlock Smoking animation i need some get me some
should i turn the internet off and do some work?
Am i going to?
You guys. I don't think some of you understand. Maybe you should read this.
Obama stepped out and supported gay marriage. Now we have to step out and support him. For every independent and conservative vote he just lost, we need to make up for it with an independent or progressive vote. I am fucking serious as fuck right now. Please don’t think this was easy for him. ...
life time friends books favorite quotes walks john burroughs
I think Canada should get a round of applause
a) they got Josh Devine shirtless b) they got Louis feeling up eleanor’s ass c) They got Liam wet  Let us appreciate the great north