• Methinks I should get some sleep •
mine parallels my post dean winchester sam winchester castiel destiel abel cain colette First Born 9x11 SO MANY FREAKING PARALLELS I CAN'T I had a much longer version of this I wanted to do...but this by itself already took 4 hours... Methinks I should get some sleep
being a 20+ year old in a fandom full of preteens and teensĀ 
1k ~ amazingphil danisnotonfire i love this video phan i should get some sleep or make more gifs yaaaay g8 idea
:3 welp Korra legend of korra ks lok kitty amon is now my favorite thing i didnt really know what color to make amon i should really get some more sleep but this is fun i did use a reference maybe one day i can make one on my own
my gifs hof Sterek sterekweek i was trying to make a manip for but all that came out is this shitty wip i'm officially throwing in the towel with manips i suck at them and you should not be subjected to them back to aus methinks
1k mine legolas lotredit Thranduil hobbitedit i just felt like making something there isn't much going on here wow i'm tired i should get some sleep swiggity swirkwood look it's the elves of mirkwood
headcanon that after his adventures, when bilbo did the dishes, he sometimes sang ‘that’s what bilbo baggins hates’ quietly to himself
* mygifs request 1x11 Daredevil Matt Murdock daredeviledit ok i gotta get some sleep im sorry ill post some of ur requests tomorrow (((nipples)))
mypictures Common i should get some rest
i’m about to unleash my cage
harry potter ** ugh draco malfoy Narcissa Malfoy Lucius Malfoy death eaters hpedit this is a draco malfoy appreciation blog and a death eater appreciation blog too at least sometimes when narcius feels whatever i should get some sleep it's half past eleven
twitter Darren Criss zach woodlee EEEEEP HIS HAIR i;m crying also wow pls get some sleep babies :(
les mis les miserables i need to get some sleep
My art Haikyuu!! sugawara koushi haikyuu!! art i was feeling stressed soooo doodled some sugas hes v soothing i'll probably reblog this l8r since my activitys slow around 4am anyway i should go to sleep
Dylan O'Brien dylan obrien dob get some sleep
edit sunggyu don't ask i should go to sleep idk why i made this all fancy but i really like how this edit looks on the vid so i might make some more gifs lol
Mermaids now i sleep mandarin fish snuffstuff mreh i should add some actual shiny scales i guess a project for tomorrow
1k my gifs Misha Collins i should sleep jibcon mishaedit mmisha it's an addiction constiellation inacatastrophicmind jibcon15 mishapanels mishagifsets i just love making gifs of him the lighting went funny in the room s'why i couldn't get the colours to match it's bugging the hell out of me i should stop staring at it