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"The Average Fourth Grader Is A Better Poet Than You, (And Me Too)," Hannah Gamble
While in graduate school at the University of Houston, I supplemented my income by working as a writer in residence for Writers in the Schools (WITS). I was with WITS for three years, during which I visited third, fourth, and fifth grade classrooms, and worked with groups of students visiting the Me...
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  • 1st person gets:To own my character for one day.
  • 2nd person gets:To own my character for three days.
  • 3rd person gets:To own my character for a week.
  • 4th person gets:A french kiss from my character.
  • 5th person gets:One free favor (non-sexual) from my character to call upon at any time they wish.
  • 6th person gets:To make three (3) commands that my character absolutely has to follow, no objections.
  • 7th person gets:To do whatever they want to my character in a period of 6 hours and my character will not be able to do or say anything about it afterward. (That includes getting some manner of revenge.)
  • 8th person gets:My character naked, chained, collared, and gagged for 12 hours. Only the person can remove the bindings and my character has to obey their every command during this time if they are freed of their bindings.
  • ...
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Rockbell automail will cost you an arm and a leg! why does Al Elric feel alone at night? he doesn't have any body to spend it with. where do the Homunculi go to gamble? Sin City.
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Tumblr VS Facebook: Michael Jackson edition.
        Someone you don’t know adds you on Facebook: Someone you don’t know follows you on Tumblr: Someone send you a message on Facebook: Someone sends you a message on Tumblr: Loose a friend on Facebook: Loose a follower on Tumblr: Error on Facebook: Error on Tumblr: Scrolling through Fa...
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R.I.P Michael Clarke Duncan
We are not only saying good-bye to Michael, but to some of his best and our favorite characters that he played along the way. Bear from Armageddon John Coffey from The Green Mile Kilowog from The Green Lantern television series Coach Little from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody And my personal fa...