• Misha Collins naked on a horse •
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1k LOL funny mine sexy face mask horse quality wine Couch seductive horse mask
1k mine supernatural castiel Misha Collins :(( i'mm sorry ughghhhi cracked exam tomorrow fml
supernatural castiel Misha Collins my graphics spnedit blood tw i was bored so this happened
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Really, everyone who reblogs, I have a lot of time on my hands. Just make sure your submit box is openĀ 
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1k supernatural castiel Misha Collins mine. tw:suicide spnedit 8x08 Hunteri Heroici I photoshopped it -all of it -for you. poor bby bird sorry if this hurts your feels
supernatural dean winchester Jensen Ackles Misha Collins mystuff destiel dean spn SORT OF cas castiel winchester i've already posted this but i accidentally deleted it
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