• Misha Collins naked on a horse •
  • Fan:would you rather be stranded on an island with Jared or Jensen, and why?
  • Misha:no I would not.
  • Fan:you have to choose.
  • Misha:I would swim. I'm a good swimmer.
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Misha Collins Mark Sheppard happy birthday misha casfucker
Misha Collins Curtis Armstrong
Hey everybody, remember to go donate $1 (or more) to Random Acts today in honor of Misha’s birthday! I think we raised like $10,000 last year and I think we can do better this year! www.therandomact.org/getinvolved/donate
Please make sure you do something nice today in honor of Misha Collins’ birthday. Here are a few ideas:  Pay for the drink of the person behind you at Starbucks. Buy someone lunch. Pick up and properly throw away any litter you see when you’re walking back to your car. Ask retail workers...
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1k mine supernatural 5k Misha Collins 500 ugh i love him spnedit mishaedit but yknow spncastedit plaidcasnetwork littlebirdnet i scheduled this for midnight my time so it's probably too early for everyone else i really really hope this dork has an amazing birthday
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Misha takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (x)
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It’s not a contest about who has a higher tolerance for pain. However, if it were a contest, I would win.
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