• Misha Collins naked on a horse •
Lily Collins love rosie simplesmente acontece
That weird hehehehe Snake laughed in MGS3
Naked Snake 
A very weird looking horse
gifs Misha Collins our gifs our work Cons mishaedit edit by kendall heaven in hell
horse equine horses AQHA quarter horse Roan
supernatural Jensen Ackles Misha Collins Jared Padalecki j2m mine: gif spn gag reel spnedit mine: j2m jensen's lil cheeky faces though :)))
  • What fan asks:So, what is it like being on the set of Supernatural?
  • What Jensen hears:In what creative, totally unrelated way can you turn whatever I'm actually asking into a story about Misha Collins?
Happy birthday spn! #dallascon  @mishacollins @JensenAckles ...
can we talk about how Misha has the ability to give Jensen a partial boner without touching him? (+this!)and how Jensen makes Misha laugh all the time on set (x)(x)and Misha does it effortlessly in return? (seriously he just needs to show up and Jensen’s a mess) (x)and Jensen’s explosive laughter is...
twitter Jensen Ackles Misha Collins spn cockles eye of the tiger
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