• Misha Collins naked on a horse •
Especially because she insisted on recording the encounter with Chandler police officer Doug Rose, who told her he was responding to an earlier call about her arguing with her estr...
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Everything We Know About Season 11 (from SDCC)
Richard Speight Jr. is directing an episode this season.There will be more consistency between episodes this season.Picks up right where we left off.Cas is still under the effect of the attack dog spell cast by Rowena.Mark is insisting that Crowley is dead… (no one believes him)‘The 1st and 2nd epis...
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I was rewatching the Supernatural Comic Con panel and I realized something very touching..
so jensen was answering a fan’s question…and everyone around him gets rowdy with their phones…and he yells at them but turns out the fans were holding glow sticks and waving them, so they decided to take pictures of them, probably to show their wives when they get back but little did they know…the f...
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Misha Collins riding a pedicab filled with pizza to feed Hal...
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More about the NEWLY ANNOUNCED Korra comics!
 The focus of the first three volumes will be focusing on Korrasami and the aftermath of the finale, no big time jumps.As Bryan mentioned earlier it’s hard for him to let go of the characters to another team, so he was hesitant because he didn’t think they’d find another dream team, but then Mike wa...
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