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Princess Collins new name is Maison Marie. Pronounced Mason.
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  • Misha Collins:Well, I didn’t know what Twitter was when I first signed up for it, and I’m not sure I would have behaved the way that I have had I known.I just saw a little box with a space of 140 characters and started f***ing around. I knew that a lot of celebrities or people in the public eye, or whatever, would regurgitate mundane details of their daily doings like, ‘I’m having a cup of coffee now,’ like that was an important piece of information. So my idea was that I was going to pretend that my daily routine involved consulting with heads of state and being taken prisoner by the Queen of England and things like that. Though it has sort of a routine mundane quality to it, it has been fun and a little surreal.
  • Jim Beaver:The surreal part is how many people take you seriously
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I love penises.
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