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Should i buy more books?
Parents :Wallet :Friends :Tumblr :Me : Okay lol, if you insist
This is how long my book wishlist actually is
  • Me:I just want to read all day.
  • Me:*stays on tumblr for 5 hours*
  • Me:*watches two seasons of a show in 1 weekend*
  • Me:*composes a symphony*
  • Me:Man, i wish i had more time to read
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of course you can trust me for really good relationship advice, do you know how many YA romance novels i’ve read
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Check out that link! QPOC Lit for the win.
More Free Textbooks and Courses Online
It makes me so happy to know that whenever I share these links on free education, books and resources online, people not only learn a lot from it but are often generous enough to share it with their friends and other folks online. It goes positively viral. That’s the beauty of learning: Passin...
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Books and Tea Book Blogger Directory.If you want to be added just send us and ask, same goes for if you want to be removed, also it is now alphabetical and a post rather than a page so you can share.Last Updated: 19.08.2014? = I follow these blogsI’m part of the Book Blog Network, other member...
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