• Ms. Smoak your BS Detector is STILL working •
my edits arrow oliver queen kthxbye arrowedit felicity smoak olicity otp: there was no choice to make *internally screaming* arrow: season one arrow: season two *internally sobbing* Ms. Smoak your BS Detector is STILL working stay awesome and keep making Heroes and Deadly Assassins fall madly in love with you
God is still working on me.
gif gifs workaholics Adam Blake ders workaholics gif ms bs about to be killed face
Powerpuff Girls buttercup and especially blossom ain't dealing w/ dat gender conformity bs if blossom is your fave ppg we are automatically best buds
MSPA is still down.....
myedit arrow i'm emotional arrowedit moira queen felicity smoak olicity olicityedit olicitysquee donna smoak oh moira if only you were around to see how gone your son is for this woman
1k * bs big daddy bioshock *bs hephaestus core this is where I am rn! haha
remember when usher got in michael jackson’s way, so michael kinda just..
santana lopez Brittany Pierce brittana ms bramtana ????? im sorry this is really crappy idk what happened to my psd do you track your url tina idk emilyfitchs
animal crossing tutorial QR code new leaf acnl able sisters acnl fashion
my gifs max Jessica Parker kennedy bs* black sails hannah new eleanor guthrie eleanor x max and then they had sex
submission Literature
sailor moon aint got time for your BS usagi ep 52
like straight girls are like “oooh girls are so confident in their sexuality oh we can hold hands and sit in each other’s laps and even kiss and we’re not all ‘no homo’” until a bi chick or a lesbian shows up and then suddenly they’re just as “no homo” as cis straight boys like i can assure you that...
arrow oliver queen hotek95 graphics arrowedit felicity smoak olicity
robert downey jr avengers ms
my gifs exo EXO-K exok suho bbysheepturns23 every single time im sad or angry i look at your smile and i feel better again your smile is as kind and beautiful as you are it must have been tough training and debuting and working but through it all your smile still stays as beautiful as it is and im so thankful for that you have a smile that can save lives i hope you'll always be happy and continue to smile the way you do ;u; yay for cheesy commentary in the tags =u=b ...and i tried orz
mine Graphic ethan hawke Richard Linklater bs* Before Sunrise Julie Delpy this is gross trash i'm sorry
gif star wars over 1k over 10k i'm certain i'm not the first person to do this but i feel like this post says a lot about me as a person if some of the gifs are frozen on your dash just open it in a blog and they should play