• My art handsome jack tales from the borderlands tftbl tftbl rhys ive been so busy lately and have had close to no time for art im sorry •
parody sollux feferi aradia kind of au a goofy movie psiioniic arasol this is so lame art bitte STAND UP ABOVE THE CROWWWWD EVEN IF YOU GOTTA SHOUT OUT LOUD this is such a joke i told you that you guys i have embarrassment for your embarrassment but im not gomen
war West Bank Israel Gaza Palestine Hamas IDF Birthright Netenyahu Gaza 101
art tutorial The Witcher 2 head construction Bartek Gawel cdpr blog now apply that principle to female characters too it had to be said sry2say
gifs mine request new girl television Jess Day ngedits I FEEL LIKE THIS WAS SUCH A GOOD ANON REQUEST THAT'S BEEN IN MY INBOX FOREVER but i totally failed you sorry ive legit been working on this for an hour and im not ok with it but whatevs
Illustration art painting interviews artists on tumblr Erik Jones
pokemon vocaloid puella magi madoka magica magi tiger and bunny one piece gintama fate zero kuroko no basket
Private Lessons (Extended Version)
chongthenomad  Legend of Korra - RE-AMPED
Private Lessons feat. Tahno (Official Extended Version)  Produced by Chongthenom...
about me this is for you oh man being depressed for the longest time is so depressing DEPRESSEDCEPTION happy tissine is kinda back you know who you are and I thank you :) ahaha and it's the best sketch I could do right now lol still busy with school so no art stuff yet until this week is finished XD
louis tomlinson Harry Styles One Direction liam payne Niall Horan drunk perfection omg partying drinking drunk harry drunk louis drunk niall i srsly track the drunk niall drunk louis drunk and drunk harry tags and ive never seen this picture omg you have no diea how deep into google i had to go to find this but it was so worth it omg new favorite pic feuts niall drunk liam so happy rn like seriously
* The Hunger Games Lily Collins THINGS THAT HAPPEN WHEN I HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO ...but i am not going to lie i have been itching to try and make an AU hunger games for a while. my character hazel for tth just gave me an excuse hazel pearson tth rp
SPG Steam Powered Giraffe bunny bennett jon sprague michael reed The Spine The Jon david bennett the cavalcadium the jon leaving jon sprague leaving
homestuck My art jake english jane crocker Roxy Lalonde Dirk Strider fantasystuck wah are my ships showing not that i don't ship all the alpha ships anyways finalfantasystuck ?? CLOSE ENOUGH YEAH
Illustration art tim burton creepy Neil Gaiman scarecrow blackberry tales keep moving calander sep
pitch dreamworks sandman Signal Boost megamind Pitch Black north jack frost Dreamworks Animation rise of the guardians easter bunny tooth fairy tooth rotg bunnymund I'M SORRY TO THE PERSON WHO'S GIF I USED BUT PEOPLE LIKE IT SO IT WORKS IT MAKES IT EASIER TO REBLOG THIS
art soon avengers Happy New Years w/e w/e quick and dirty post because i can't time manage at least it's better than last years that was a mess and let's never talk about it if you have actually been here long enough to remember it then you should get a medal or something it's 2013 do you know what this means? iron man 3 motherfuckers thors head is huge and his butt is sticking out steve has no middle section this shit is so quality aw yis rave lasers!
im not sorry jack frost rise of the guardians original the content rotg toothiana art by bb credit for concept to tumblr user scissorly
art vest nails feminism mixed media fibers punk vest 3D work
** otp crying tmi the mortal instruments Cassandra Clare alec lightwood magnus bane malec mortalgraphic
Adventure Time homestuck Dave Strider Jade Harley John Egbert Rose Lalonde My art davejohn johndave crossover doodle doodles except not really blimpcat art srs bromancing yo edit: i fixed the D in Dave to be lowercase oops