• My shite •
homestuck shite It looks terrible I know my feelings have been gushed because of the guardians
My art dean winchester Misha Collins misha APRIL FOOLS mishapocalypse My shite
homestuck shite yeah its the game that tears everyone apart
homestuck drugs epilepsy warning sorry i was bored shite i guess????KWKKW?? sorry  i was bored and im tired
Striders shite longpost sorry i needed to get this out
homestuck update upd8 shite
oasis blur Damon Albarn noel gallagher liam gallagher parklife shite life
homestuck shite i kEEP DOING THESE
homestuck shite rolls around calliope
homestuck shite karkat its okay im having some conflicted feelings
romance manga mangacap mangacaps shoujo Ichirei Shite Kiss
gif homestuck epilepsy warning body horror shite flashy things tags yeah sorry huaheuaheuaheu
gif attack the block *atb damn this turned out shite
homestuck John Egbert shite I'm having some intense feelings a lookalike casey whats a salamander EVEN DOING THERE
homestuck update upd8 shite hello favorite panel
homestuck shite and a jade jade strider YEAH IMA TAG IT THAT dave harley
homestuck update gif warning HELL YES tricksters shite