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if you can’t love me at my bantu knots, you don’t deserve me at my twist out.
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  • Cleric:I toss the light-stone into the crypt! *Rolls 20*
  • Me:You have spent entirely too much time skipping rocks, as such you rebound the rock against three pillars and two skeletons before it comes to a clean stop in the center of the room.
  • Cleric:...So I can see them all?
  • Me:Yes.
  • ---------
  • Me:You're not a bard, but screw it roll Performance.
  • Fighter:OKAY. *Mediocre roll*
  • ...
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Fellas it's ok to compliment black women without expecting something in return......
……seriously try it, no hidden agenda, don’t ask for her number or if she got a boyfriend and especially if she has natural hair. “I must say, you’re a very beautiful woman”“Hello just wanna say that I love your natural hair”“Excuse me miss, but I couldn’t let you walk by without lettin...