• Not at all •
But one day this will be fetus  and i am not ready for that
edits* sophie turner michelle fairley maisie williams i'm not ok idk man look at michelle being all motherly I AM NOT OK AT ALL
cat LOL wtf not weird at all
turn that frownupside down 
this guy who lives in the same town as me stole a kit kat and got arrested and im not joking when i say literally everyone of his friends that he has on facebook posted ‘would you risk it for a chocolate biscuit’ on his facebook wall
be my frien (i’ll give u the d later)
feminism isn’t drippy letters or embroidery or pizza or frida kahlo or punk rock or the words “cunt, slut, and whore” pasted or sewn onto every article of clothing you own feminism isn’t based in hate or misandry or lighting stuff on fire feminism is not “kawaii̶...
The fact that people fetishize large breasts, and then get upset when they find out that they sag, are disproportionate, have stretch marks, discoloration, and large areoles, etc… Says a lot about how society glamorizes large breasts but can’t stand it when they don’t look like th...
  • looks at 16yr old boy:ew
  • looks at 40yr old man:yes
can i wake up tomorrow and be told that everything was just a really sick joke and exo are still one and stronger than ever
One Direction Niall Horan Not at all i am NOT obsessed with his face
Not at all I'M NOT CRYING ski jumping kamil stoch
Harry Styles hsedit at all you are not real and i am not crying
look at the dips in his arms I'm not ok at all
I feel like there should be some kind of points system for accomplishing grown-up things like GOOD JOB YOU MADE A TELEPHONE CALL, 10 POINTS! and HOLY SHIT YOU FILED YOUR TAXES, LEVEL UP! And you should be able to redeem your points for things like hugs and hot tea and blankets to burrito yourself in...
I'm just a little too perfect,a little too worth it,you don't deserve me at all,no not at all.
mine s3 5k 10k johnlock sherlock spoilers SherlockEdit mine: gif Not at all the sign of three otp: one more miracle sherleg driftingcas wisekelp look at me being all nice and tagging you i'm not crying by the way THIS IS WHAT REALLY HAPPENED AND THEY WERE AT SOMEONE ELSE'S WEDDING OKAY
“Harry wants a girlfriend who is Brunette, shorter than him, has a good sense of humor, a good personality and is sarcastic.”?
Cheren: “Hugh… I think now is the perfect time for you to unleash your rage.” Hugh: “That’s my secret, Cheren…” Hugh: “…my rage is always unleashed.”