strong cait hancock fallout 4 preston garvey nick valentine x6-88 playing survival mode on my stealth build is the most gratifying experience i have ever had the honor of enjoying OH FUCK YOU GUYS SENT ME A LOT OF REQUESTS ACTUALLY i'll get to those hold on
Anyone who reblogs this will get a Star Trek pick up line.
I’ll probably regret doing this again but it’s summer and I have some free time.. If you want it from a specific show write it in the tags and I’ll try my best to remember to check your tags. Since I’ll be checking the tags and I can only send 10 asks an hour it may take me t...
"Why are you single? A lot of guys are trying to date you." No, a lot of guys are trying to fuck me,...
digital alicexz frozen elsa let it goooooo MY QUEEEEEEEEEN i enjoyed the movie a lot but i think my bf enjoyed it more what a dork LET IT GOOOOOOO i don't give a fuuuuck so ya'll can go fuck yoselves already anticipating internet stealing this so i apologize for the huge watermark graarh yes i'll do anna eventually no need to ask this was kind of difficult im bad at cartoon faces
mine parallels :D Rose Tyler oh well! dwedit and i made this otp: better with two gif requests bpedit isn't it? didn't I? gifs: 1k dredits rtdedit gifs by ro made by ro otp: the mysterious couple so the request was to do a parallel set with rose's reaction to being sent away because that is the reaction to do something about it instead of sitting at home and moping she takes matters in her own hands saves the universe(s) and gets the guy i crammed a lot into those gifs i'm sure ppl will complain
Vic's Speech
Problems in your life that can’t make your dreams happen, maybe you got parents ...
This has been a public service announcement from your friendly pissed as hell Commander of the Go-Fuck-Yourself Legion.
pierce the veil vic fuentes mike fuentes jaime preciado tony perry ptv Tony Turtle uwu laura edits
My art i ahve about a million thingvs to do and really detailed art is not one of those things fuck me i wasted like 2 hrs on this ifml
mine all time low Alex Gaskarth Therapy birmingham Legacy THIS STARTED HERE AT MY SHOW IM SO PROUD I DONT THINK THEY DID IT IN CARDIFF feb tour 15
art Karkat gamzee Gamkar in the best way u nerd splickedylit All your Stories absolutely just kill me and the ur Art too omg how do you even contain so much greatness????????? I dunno I had more planned but that didn't work out whoops I'll get around to more stuff for ya especially all those lil headcanons and ideas you've sent me
my stuffs sooo seriously tho ?????????? im going to bed hijack hogwartsau I actually have a LOT of hogwarts stuff i hope we like hogwarts? Aahaha BWAHP dskjfsdlkjfsd I Can't dRaw aNYmORe jkdsghd
Louis' tweets and management
So. I’m sure everyone saw Louis’s tweets. And in my opinion, it just confirmed all the stuff that we’ve been saying. I don’t believe that Louis willingly said and meant all of those things. Larry is real. Management is fucking crazy. Because that was a shit show. I try to exp...
LOL funny tumblr screencap heart YuGiOh Yu Gi Oh selfie Change of Heart fuck me thsi si so stupid DONTYOUDARESAYMYDASHDIDATHING blog bitches a8t about8tentacles i want this to get thousands ofnotes u guys plz
landscape practicingg and stress relieve painting in the midst of studying for finals!!! lies down two more days!!!!! then a sort of break thank you guys for the messages among other things!!! will respond to most of them after exam on thursday eyaaa those blocks were initially meant to be stairs!!! ...but I got lazy cackles I know it's finals week for a lot of you guys??? and!!!! get lots of rest you guys!!! taking care of yourselves is super important reaches out and hugs you all if I could I would bake cookies for every one of you
me couple song lyrics Personal kiss ed sheeran lo amo grade 8 You're strumming on my heart strings like you were a grade 8 but i never felt this way i'll pick your feet up off of the ground and never ever let you down hold my heart to stop me bleeding now e basta somegirlsarebigger-thanothers
movies roald dahl Matilda oh my god this movie fawm moviesedit matildaedit ''matilda this is more than one of my favorite characters when i was a kid and it helped a lot this mooovie 'you are not alone' that quote will stay with me forever
1k supernatural But oh well spn Soundtrack fanmix mine: mix this was a real pain in the butt and took a lot of time and effort so i hope you guys like it unfortunately not all the songs are fab quality because most of them are quite old and hard to get a hold of also i had to split it into 3 parts because 8tracks was being annoying + didn't let me upload 5 ac/dc songs hopefully this will help some of you through the hiatus cause i know it will  help me! going to stop rambling now ilu if you read this