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Paranoid Android
Radiohead  OK Computer
Paranoid Android - Radiohead (OK Computer, 1997)
Ok, so the kids at my school keep changing the backgrounds in the computer lab:
So I put this as one of the backgrounds Yesterday, I found that someone changed my background to something soccer related, so just to mess around with them, I put this Today, I looked at all the computers around me, plus my computer and You children………….. You are playin...
No Suprises
Radiohead  OK Computer
No Suprises - Radiohead
Paranoid Android
Radiohead  OK Computer
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Fitter Happier
Radiohead  OK Computer (Deluxe Edition) 2009
Radiohead- Fitter Happier
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Karma Police
Radiohead  Ok Computer
For a minute there I lost myself
gif mine Michael calumfood hotdamn5sos 5sosdaily teenagedfricks my computer crashed when i was doing the last gif as you can see is a bit different but ok
Karma Police
Radiohead  Ok Computer
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