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pokemon gifs bw2 this took me so long otl i hate the pixels but im really lazy to edit it further otl otl otl otl
 LU H A N   C H A N YE O L   X I U M I N   D.O  S E H U N  B A E K H Y U N  E X O  S U HO  T A O  L A Y
gif baby onew OTL
edit exo OTL xiumin
how i fell for my bias
1k LOL edits block B OTL kyung
gif queue block B OTL Taeil Jaehyo
Idiot OTL one piece zoro g8 Katanas opgraphics
Tae Bangtan mine:bts that last one OTL
myedit exo Kai exo k jongin OTL simple :(
gif baby onew i cannot with you OTL
“Some international fans went to the concert too.” me:
gif edit exo gif:exo edit:exo i dont know what i did. i made the logo in illustrator yesterday and ;;;;v;;;;;; OTL i finished this in time for the hd pic of the logo to come out OTL I SHOULDVE FINISHED THIS YESTERDAY OTL but A+++++ for me becaue this looks exactly like the real logo ;v;;
edit sunggyu AWWWWW i missed the live stream OTL so this is pretty bad quality sigh
King naruto OTL naruto uzumaki EE Kurama last one for a while
gif fav exo tao exo m OTL Luhan Lay Kris Chen xiumin xiuhan
1k bts 2k 500 Bangtan jhope hoseok jung hoseok br:edit hobi q: OTL
woohyun infinite Dongwoo OTL g:woohyun g:dongwoo namgrease ranking king g:new woowoo
MY EDIT exo chanyeol everything is abt channie today otl