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my gifs mine requested Arya Stark Cersei Lannister Sansa Stark daenerys targaryen catelyn stark ygritte margaery tyrell Asha Greyjoy Brienne of Tarth arianne martell mine: got i hope you like it! gotsansastark gotmargaerytyrell gotcatelynstark gotaryastark gotcerseilannister gotbrienneoftarth gotdaenerystargaryen gotariannemartell gotygritte gotashagreyjoy got ladies mine: fancasting ladiesofthrones i wanted to include more ladies but i just couldn't! queued: hiatus
mine 2 game of thrones gotedit Oberyn Martell Pedro Pascal ch2014 i'm sorry for the colouring but his scenes are all yellow i definitely do not know how to colour this show
my stuff game of thrones got asoiaf house targaryen 1500 popular edits gotedit gotmargaerytyrell gotcerseilannister asoiafedit gotrhaellatargaryen preasoiaf got queens
1k mine *gifs MMC house martell gotedit gothousemartell gotmartells unbowed unbent unbroken house martell > everything
gif game of thrones jon snow catelyn stark gotedit Oberyn Martell
gif s4 4.08 gotedit Oberyn Martell gregor clegane suzie gotoberynmartell gotgregorclegane thronesmas
1k mine 5k *gifs Ladies Cersei Lannister lyanna stark catelyn tully gotedit Elia Martell Ashara Dayne lysa tully gotcerseilannister gotcatelyntully rhaella targaryen gotlyannastark goteliamartell Barbrey Ryswell
*mine *gif that's all *1k *500 gotedit gotstannisbaratheon gotjaimelannister gottyrionlannister *Varys gotoberynmartell *asoiaf *tywin lannister *ned stark *tyrion lannister *oberyn lannister *stannis baratheon *jaime lannister *roose bolton *petyr baelish i was a little hesitant about calling tywin 'lawful' bc of the red wedding but his m.o. seems to be occasional massive atrocities meant to keep everyone in line so that society can function 'normally' during long periods of peace in between and again pay attn to the captions good --> evil is a scale of altruism and i know i'm missing ones like robb or jon but i didn't want the entire top row to be starks
1k mine lyanna stark mine: got gotedit Elia Martell Ashara Dayne gotlyannastark goteliamartell gotasharadayne mine: fancasting preasoiafmeme mine: preseries i have tried? i can't even begin to tell how frustrating this has been lol and i'm not that happy about the result (i wanted to include more things: howland reed or jaime's knighting) but i guess it's a good enough first try?
gif game of thrones robb stark Joffrey Baratheon Ned Stark catelyn stark ygritte Tywin Lannister Oberyn Martell
1k mine arianne martell mine: got house martell asoiaf spoilers gotedit gotariannemartell gotmartells mine: fancasting martell meme martell: quotes
game of thrones pixel art pixel art masterpieces charlie pl pixelgot
g s4 Cersei Lannister Lannister martell gotedit Oberyn Martell
*mine *gif *1k *500 gotedit gotsansastark gotmargaerytyrell gotcerseilannister gotdaenerystargaryen *asoiaf *cersei lannister *arianne martell *brienne of tarth *catelyn stark *asha greyjoy *melisandre *daenerys targaryen *margaery tyrell *arya stark *sansa stark ok first off this is meant for characters as they are in the books so 1) arianne is there and 2) margaery is much less natalie dormer-esque secondly this is totally just my interpretation i've seen others and wanted to switch or omit choices so this was just my rendition and there is /definitely/ overlap for some of these lastly there is far more to ari than her looks i know that i was a little worried about making anyone aphrodite but grrm has female characters who are comfortable in their bodies and their sexualities with ari being a great example (she and cersei actually have some cool parallels like whoa) so yes a very subjective project but i think i can explain out any of my choices :)
gif * request game of thrones 4k gotedit Oberyn Martell gameofthronesdaily flamesrise
1k mine *edits asoiaf spoilers gotedit doran martell Oberyn Martell gotmartells unbowed unbent unbroken gotdoranmartell gotoberynmartell
MY EDIT my graphic house targaryen House Lannister house martell gotedit asoiafedit
mine *gif got asoiaf Tyrion Lannister varys got spoilers asoiaf spoilers gotedit Victarion Greyjoy jon connington Young Griff Quentyn Martell quaithe iheartgot prophecymeme lmao varys looks so menacing also i really like this prophecy a lot because WORDS ARE WIND young griff never showed up that lil asshole
1k mine game of thrones robb stark But whatever jon snow Jaime Lannister Ned Stark mine: got gotedit Oberyn Martell gotjonsnow gotjaimelannister gotoberynmartell vikings quote for got yoo sword would maybe fit better but i didn't wanted to change it wise floki knows it all
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