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star wars game of thrones jon snow kit harington margaery tyrell jessica chastain Brienne of Tarth gwendoline christie natalie dormer got cast Oscar Isaac nicolaj coster-waldau Tywin Lannister Charles Dance Oberyn Martell Pedro Pascal star wars episode vii red viper lupita nyong'o sw cast The Force Awakens star wars cast star wars the force awakens poe dameron loving this concept swtfa captain phasma tfa cast being flawless af im so here for this
1k 100 sighthounds Oberyn silken windhound dogblr snootblr 6 months o
my gifs game of thrones robb stark asoiaf Cersei Lannister Joffrey Baratheon catelyn stark catelyn tully arianne martell gotedit willas tyrell shireen baratheon asoiafedit robert arryn gonna be at least one tag saying joffrey is not really a baratheon yes i am aware like everyone who has read or watched
1k MY EDIT 2k asoiaf lyanna stark gotedit Elia Martell Ashara Dayne joanna lannister asoiafedit rhaella targaryen gameofthronesdaily iheartgot
my gifs game of thrones asoiaf Arya Stark daenerys targaryen Brienne of Tarth davos seaworth beric dondarrion gotedit mance rayder edmure tully doran martell asoiafedit westeros is so elitist which makes sense two of the people who care about smallfolk are lowborn and were once yes yes beric doesn't say that but it's another member of the brotherhood explaining the brotherhood so it is appropriate i just KNOW someone is going to ask where marge is marge is running a PR campaign when she married renly her family starved out kings landing and then when they joined joff brought tons of food so the small folk would love them because the small folk didn't know it was the tyrells fault they were starving
gif funny behind the scenes game of thrones Arya Stark Cersei Lannister daenerys targaryen Tyrion Lannister jamie lannister daario naharis Oberyn Martell
1k mine game of thrones got gotedit minegot gameofthronesdaily iheartgot rubyredwisp imdb10 can u tell im still in denial over oberyn
gif mine requested got got* house martell gotedit dorne gameofthronesdaily iheartgot I hope you like it! :) dornedaily
popular iron man comics The Avengers Thor Marvel avengers Marvel Comics black panther TFSH Texts From Superheroes
1k *gifs requests i hope you like it! gotedit songsofwolves asoiafedit gotmartells Quentyn Martell unbowed unbent unbroken gotquentynmartell (shhh i know he's a little too good-looking to be fancasted as quentyn) (but tbh i haven’t found a fancast i like better yet)
my graphics Cersei Lannister daenerys targaryen jeyne westerling margaery tyrell Asha Greyjoy arianne martell asoiafedit racebent asoiaf bc i love the interpretation of the greyjoys as east asian bc this series needs more woc
beauty beautiful game of thrones robb stark richard madden reblog sean bean got jon snow kit harington Ned Stark ygritte Eddard Stark rose leslie kerry ingram gotedit Oberyn Martell shireen baratheon game of motherfucking thrones not my gif but my edit
1000 arianne martell house martell asoiaf meme gotedit doran martell mine:asoiaf asoiafedit trystane martell oberyn x lyanna
* game of thrones *gif asoiaf *GOT gotedit Elia Martell joanna lannister pre asoiaf asoiafedit rhaella targaryen cassana estermont this looked much better in my head Lyarra Stark asoiaf fancasting minisa whent
1k game of thrones gotedit ellaria sand Oberyn Martell gotoberynmartell gotellariasand *martells oberyn x ellaria otp: don't leave me alone in this world oberynmeme he wrote songs for her do you understand the importance of this relationship
my edits my gifs spoilers game of thrones got arianne martell got* gotedit The Winds of Winter doran martell gotspoilers what could have been :( rip storyline
omg design logo game of thrones robb stark season 5 graphic design logos got branding Arya Stark Cersei Lannister Ned Stark Sansa Stark Tyrion Lannister Stark Targaryen Lannister baratheon greyjoy martell tyrell Arryn Tywin Lannister logo design tully caitlyn stark baelish Branding design got season 5
1k mine k shows got Jaime Lannister Bronn GameOfThrones gotedit gameofgifs doran martell trystane martell gameofthronesedit gameofthronesdaily not twd pedropascals
gif mine 5k game of thrones actually me Game of Thrones gif got spoilers gotedit alcohol tw minegot doran martell ellaria sand gotmartells gotdoranmartell gotellariasand game of shade
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