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Season 1 Season 2 game of thrones bran stark Season 4 season 3 jon snow Arya Stark Cersei Lannister Jaime Lannister Sansa Stark Tyrion Lannister sandor clegane the imp Joffery Oberyn Martell the mountain
x game of thrones got asoiaf Jaime Lannister margaery tyrell Tyrion Lannister Tywin Lannister got caps Oberyn Martell prince oberyn
mygifs mine game of thrones Cersei Lannister Jaime Lannister Tyrion Lannister Tywin Lannister gotedit Oberyn Martell a game of tags this is is this is my contribution to this fandom
got cast Pedro Pascal Pedro is cute even in the subway
game of thrones got peter dinklage lena headey Cersei Lannister Jaime Lannister Loras Tyrell Tyrion Lannister Brienne of Tarth finn jones indira varma nikolaj coster-waldau gwendoline christie varys Tywin Lannister Charles Dance conleth hill ellaria sand Pedro Pascal oberyn tyrell
* game of thrones ahahaha gotedit Oberyn Martell his expressions kill me
game of thrones got sansa varys margaery house tyrell Oberyn loras purple wedding olenna
game of thrones *mine got Cersei Lannister Jaime Lannister gotedit Oberyn Martell the shade is amazing probs going to delete this later im so insecure about everything
1k * my stuff game of thrones gotedit Oberyn Martell
mine Personal game of thrones got asoiaf Cersei Lannister Lannister Cersei King's Landing martell Oberyn the lannisters Oberyn Martell game of thrones season 4 the red viper prince oberyn GoTS04E05 the martells gots04
star wars game of thrones jon snow kit harington margaery tyrell jessica chastain Brienne of Tarth gwendoline christie natalie dormer got cast Oscar Isaac nicolaj coster-waldau Tywin Lannister Charles Dance Oberyn Martell Pedro Pascal star wars episode vii red viper lupita nyong'o sw cast The Force Awakens star wars cast star wars the force awakens poe dameron loving this concept swtfa captain phasma tfa cast being flawless af im so here for this
game of thrones asoiaf varys Oberyn Martell got s4 chrys watches got
*mine *gif *1k *500 gotedit gotsansastark gotmargaerytyrell gotcerseilannister gotdaenerystargaryen *asoiaf *cersei lannister *arianne martell *brienne of tarth *catelyn stark *asha greyjoy *melisandre *daenerys targaryen *margaery tyrell *arya stark *sansa stark ok first off this is meant for characters as they are in the books so 1) arianne is there and 2) margaery is much less natalie dormer-esque secondly this is totally just my interpretation i've seen others and wanted to switch or omit choices so this was just my rendition and there is /definitely/ overlap for some of these lastly there is far more to ari than her looks i know that i was a little worried about making anyone aphrodite but grrm has female characters who are comfortable in their bodies and their sexualities with ari being a great example (she and cersei actually have some cool parallels like whoa) so yes a very subjective project but i think i can explain out any of my choices :)
edits gif2 game of thrones Cersei Lannister got spoilers Tywin Lannister gotedit Oberyn Martell
mygif game of thrones got Tyrion Lannister got spoilers gotedit Oberyn Martell
Games of Thrones Oberyn Pedro Pascal
Cersei Lannister Tywin Lannister Oberyn Martell Pedro Pascal
MY EDIT game of thrones s4 Asexuality 4x06 varys thank got spoilers long post asexuals Lord Varys prince oberyn the laws of god and men got 4x06 game of thrones 4x06
Oberyn vs Mountain (The Denial Version)
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