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3 Gaza Palestine life under occupation
the Ohio/ohayo pun probably dates back to an incident in 1945 where U.S. Marines deployed on occupation duty were greeted with Ohayo, wherupon the Marines began to yell out the names of U.S. States
Palestine Geneva convention Occupation Settlements
me text Grunge writing dead Occupation
Free Hawai`i means returning the Hawaiian Islands back to an independent nation status, as it was before it was illegally overthrown by US marines and rich sugar barons in 1893. In 1993, President Clinton formally apologized for that act and publicly acknowledged the illegality of the overthrow. DI...
Israel Palestine Occupation intifada Thirdintifada
MY EDIT monochrome crying Nakamura Asumiko thiis occupation to beloved asddbgnk this was too beautiful
We’re tired of war. I, for one, have had enough of bloodshed, death and destruction. But I also can no longer tolerate the return to a...
Last night just before 9pm, they sent us a warning over the phone that ‘We will bomb the hospital, so you need to evacuate. We insiste...
Why is it that when an Israeli soldier is killed by Palestinians, it’s a “terrorist attack”, but when Palestinian children...
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Israel Palestine apartheid Occupation
Israel Palestine Occupation intifada
Israel Palestine Occupation IsraelTheTerrorState
1k ** game of thrones lena headey Cersei Lannister got* gettin drunk like it's her occupation [regina george voice: that is the ugliest effing photoset i have ever seen]
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